The Portfolios

Andrew Balkin has been an artist and master printer specializing in etchings for more than twenty-five years. In 1978, he established AGB Graphics Workshop in Madison, Wisconsin, an independent, fully equipped etching studio.

In 1991, Andrew and Renee Balkin expanded into publishing with the development of Andrew Balkin Editions (formerly Andrew Balkin Publications), a vehicle to invite artists of national reputation to Madison

Andrew Balkin's mission has been to produce intimate, technically refined and visually superb limited edition etchings in a portfolio format. He has produced etchings of museum quality by providing a technically sophisticated medium to artists who were not, for the most part, previously familiar with the potential or nuances of etching.

Andrew Balkin Edition's first portfolio, AGB 1 + 10, includes artists Roger Brown, Barbara Rossi, Martin Levine, Gladys Nilsson, David Becker, Frances Myers, Dennis Nechvatal, Mary Bero, Richard Hull, Patricia Fennell and Andrew Balkin. It currently sells for $9,150.

Andrew Balkin Edition's second Portfolio, AGB Encore includes artists Jim Nutt, Munio Makuuchi, Krishna Reddy, Jeb Prazak, Gladys Nilsson, Warrington Colescott, Alan Shields, John Wilde, Karl Wirsum, Ed Paschke and Andrew Balkin. The current price of the portfolio is $14,150.

The next portfolio celebrates Wisconsin's Sesquicentennial with 15 artists, including: Andrew Balkin, Nancy Ekholm Burkert, Warrington Colescott, Michelle Grabner, Susan Hunt-Wulkowicz, Martin Levine, Munio Makuuchi, Frances Myers, Bruce Nauman, Gladys Nilsson, Ed Paschke, Fred Stonehouse, Tom Uttech, John Wilde and William Wiley.The current price of the portfolio is $25,250.